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The logbook is an idea for a printed book to bring on field mapping missions for [balloon mapping](/tool/balloon-mapping) The questionnaire will also be available in an online form. ##Introduction## * outline of whole process: illustrated * outcomes and uses of data ##Illustrated Guide; "Getting Started"## * Materials checklist (basic and advanced) * discussion of kit materials, from (says check online for updated version) * the [illustrated guide](/wiki/guides) ##Trip Log entries## * on the first page of each log entry, a link to a "prep" page where we can help people print a google map for reference, check the weather, make sure you've charged batteries, an equipment checklist, etc. * a note-taking section for each flight with prompts based on * "When you're done" - what to do once you have the images * reference "Producing maps" * how to upload to MapMill, how to submit to the PLOTS archive * the questionnaire, maybe part of our [evaluation strategy](/wiki/evaluation) * the questionnaire will be based on * it is currently being developed in this [Google Doc]( * ##Finding imagery## * What's out there: free and paid sources * Copyright ##Producing a map## * Sorting * Stitching * Georeferencing and exporting standard formats * Printing - labels, etc. ##Appendices## * extra surveys in the back if more than one person per trip wishes to complete it * Ballooning regulations * Photographers rights ...

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