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Topic pages are used to organize communities and shared resources around specific topics, such as those listed on the Topics index, at https://publiclab.org/tags. [![Screen_Shot_2019-07-08_at_12.31.50_PM.png](/i/33554)](/i/33554?s=o) ### Card text and image On the top of topic pages, a card is shown with the topic name, and a short text (as in the above screenshot), and a background image may be shown. This is drawn from the very first paragraph of the wiki page bearing the same name; so for the topic `balloon-mapping`, the text is drawn from https://publiclab.org/wiki/balloon-mapping. The image is also taken from the lead image of the wiki page of that name. If no matching wiki page exists, you'll see a prompt to create one. ### Aliases and redirects If you want the lead text and image to be drawn from a **different** wiki page, you can make the matching wiki page a "redirect page" by adding the tag `redirect:______`, where `______` is replaced with the text from the URL of the page you really want. For example, if you're on the topic page for `algal-blooms` but want the text and image to be drawn from `algae`, you can make a page at `https://publiclab.org/wiki/algal-blooms`, but then add the tag `redirect:algae` to that page. Then, anyone visiting `https://publiclab.org/wiki/algal-blooms` will be redirected to `https://publiclab.org/wiki/algae`, and the text and lead image of `/algae` will be used on the card for the topic `algal-blooms`. That is, the topic page can follow redirects to find the text and lead image to display. ### Questions [questions:topic-pages]

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