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###Organizers 8 organizers + 1 additional non-profit arm representatives: * Katie Gradowski (Somerville, MA) * Catherine D'Ignazio (Waltham, MA) * Bryan Bonvallet (Boston area) * Vale (Plymouth, MA) * Will Ward (Boston area) * Don Blair (Amherst, MA) * Jen Hudon (Greater Boston area) * Sara Wylie (Boston) * Jeff Warren (Somerville, MA) also on staff See for more information and a complete list ###Upcoming Events ###Recent Events * [Northeast Tool Focused Barnraising 2014]( The 2014 tool-focused Barnraising was a regional version of a Public Lab Barnraising. Together, we engaged in research and tool development around environmental justice issues of water quality. ###Tidmarsh Farm your info here. ###Plum Island your info here. ###Belchertown & HackerFarm * WATERCHESTNUT 2013: ###Parts and Crafts your info here. ###Somerville your info here.

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Great Neck, Ipswich, Massachusetts

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Tidmarsh Farms Meetup Public-Lab-BOSTON

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Landfill Incinerator. Saugus, Massachusetts

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