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Environmental Study for flooding in the streets of New Orleans

by JumpKitten8683 | October 28, 2019 19:51 28 Oct 19:51 | #21319 | #21319


  • Too much flooding when it rains in New Orleans.
  • Storm drains get clogged easily
  • Dirt and natural debris are the main clogging components for the drains

Research/Determine Rational/Existing Solutions:

  • Storm drains
  • Gutters
  • Rain barrels
  • Cleaning storm drains
  • Use less water during storms


  • If there are changes made to help the stormdrain not be clogged, like adding filters then the flooding in the streets will decrease.


  • Our goal is to lower, if not remove, the rate at which the streets around Lusher flood.
  • Our plan is to put a screen made up of small wires (either a mesh or chicken wire) on the front and side of it in a sort of soccer goal shape. To keep
  • There's also some concern towards the soil itself, and maybe trying to find a way to either have it be less saturated so more water can seep through or some other alternative (currently being the storm drains.
  • Our biggest concern is that it doesn't work


  • Metal
  • Mesh type thing
  • Nails, bots or something of the kind

Data Collection:

Independent Variable(s):

  • Drains with our solution applied.

Dependent Variable(s):

  • How much flooding there is when it rains.


  • The drains that don't have our solution applied.

People in project:

Natalie, Ian, Wheeler, and Brandon.


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