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Public Lab Workshop at the Sunview Luncheonette

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Join for experiments in collecting oil sheens and and identifying where did they came from! Public Lab in collaboration with Newtown Creek Alliance, Sunview Luncheonette and CLAKULA Productions is organizing an oil sheen collection and analysis workshop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - a place of the second largest (but not widely known) oil spill in the US history! We will be testing new methods PL is developing for Oil collection and extraction, we will be using our Oil Testing Kit for sample analysis and the PL Spectrometer. We’ll collect samples from Newtown Creek superfund site and adjacent areas. We will learn how extract oil residues and analyse collected samples.

We're hoping to use our own prototype fluorescence method for distinguishing oils on a few samples which have already been lab analyzed, to see if our tests correlate with official results.

The event will take place on Saturday, February 13th, 2pm - 6pm at the social club Sunview Luncheonette, 221 Nassau Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (Next to McGolrick Park)


Day before AND the morning of the event we’ll collect and document collection of oil sheen from some specific site where it's been measured before by a lab extract oil residue from samples

Compare reference samples and official test results (spectroscopy) from Randy, try isopropyl extraction

Further test LED cuvette frame test new coastguard oils sheen collection net, the freezing method and PIG Oil Only absorbent mat pads.






This event is on 02-13-2016 iCal

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I will be attending!

I'll be there!

I will be attending!

@bronwen @englishkillsproject @nejohnson @eymund @nicholas @ann @matej @ChangeAdmin @warren @nameiswillis @jenmansta -- join for lunch at noon, meet at 221 Nassau Ave and look for the group. or call/text me 3362691539

I will be attending!

I will be attending!

adding @taramei :)

Here is a research note from Oil Collecting we did 2 days ago for the workshop! Pretty crazy stuff!

I will be attending! @Matej great post on oil collecting!

Thanks and happy to see you there guys!! :-)

I will be attending!

I will be attending!

I will be attending!

Super workshop! Attended by 15 people: @bronwen @englishkillsproject @nejohnson @eymund @nicholas @ann @matej @warren @ianbarbour @liz @taramei and Dr. Sarah Durand, Joshua L., Ashley, and Patteron B. Here's the dropbox link to photos taken by @ann:

Who wants to write up a note on what happened in the workshop?

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I had a great time and have exciting stuff to post. But I'd like to make a more narrow post about specific techniques; maybe someone else could tackle an overview? My topics of interest are:

  • the success of the alcohol/oil dissolving test
  • evaporative concentrating techniques
  • alcohol dissolves acrylic
  • LED cuvette frame development

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