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Public Lab community newsletter 4.6.14

by Shannon | April 07, 2014 01:52 07 Apr 01:52 | #10271 | #10271

This week in the Public Lab community newsletter, read about mapping in the Czech Republic and Spain, catch a 3D printing class in New Orleans or join an ongoing discussion of particulate air pollution monitoring. Enjoy!


The Public Lab Organizers group has grown to 48 people around the world; if you’re interested in joining, learn how you can get involved today:

In the Boston area, Public Labbers got together for a Toolshed Raising today. Keep an eye out for a follow-up note, word is that they collected some great imagery!

Public Lab mailing lists are now available at this easy to remember URL:

Spanish language research notes are starting to be shared (, and you can now tag them with "iso:es" or "lang:es". A new auto-translation feature is also being tested:

Later this week, the Public Lab nonprofit will be posting a job listing for the newly created Civic Information Starter Kits Program Manager position. If you’re interested in joining the team, keep an eye out!

New and ongoing projects

Balloon mapping in the Czech Republic as part of a course on participatory GIS:

Mappers in Valencia, Spain spent time this weekend balloon mapping to begin documenting the area between two towns, Benifairo and Simat:

The first of five 3D printing classes was held at Propeller in New Orleans this Thursday. Six people attended and there was good interaction between the participants. The next class will involve actual printing followed by three 3D design classes. More information on the Propeller website:

An ongoing discussion of particulate air pollution monitoring and cheap sensors:

An attempt to calculate the volume of an earth mound using kite/balloon photography:

HUGE maps: mapping 10 square kilometers in one flight:

Research Note highlights

If anything was missed, please email the list or post a research note. Have a great week everyone! Shannon

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