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Public Lab Research note

Public Lab community newsletter 7.14.13

by Shannon | July 14, 2013 15:36 14 Jul 15:36 | #8878 | #8878

In the Public Lab newsletter this week, listen to a story on challenging a nuclear power plant permit with kite imagery, sign-up for the 2013 barnraising, pre-order an Infragram filter pack and check out new infrared photography and spectrometry projects being done by the community. Enjoy!

Nuclear waste site permit challenged. Using images collected via kite mapping, organizers are challenging a permit for new construction at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Massachusetts. Listen to the full story on WBUR.

New website launched. Public Lab has done a complete transition to publiclab.org. Check out the new site and provide feedback or report issues to web@publiclab.org.

Barnraising 2013 registration now open. A logistics page is up and registration is now open, we're looking forward to welcoming you in Louisiana! If you're interested in helping to organize the barnraising, whether you plan on coming or not, please sign up for a committee on the barnraising page or email shannon@publiclab.org.

Kickstarter wrap-up. Thanks again to the 1,500+ backers who helped raise over $71,000 to launch the Infrared Photography Project! Here's an update on what you can expect next if you were a backer.

Infragram Filter Pack available for pre-order. We've had many requests for filters now that the Kickstarter is over. You can pre-order yours here with an estimated ship date of August 2013.

Public Lab Affiliate Program. Joining the Public Lab affiliate program is a great way to support the Public Lab non-profit, and earn some revenue yourself. We're looking for new Affiliates who would be interested in placing ads about Public Lab Kits on their own sites, and earning 5% of the revenue from click throughs. Contact retail@publiclab.org with questions.

Media mentions. Limn, a popular audience journal in Science and Technology Studies, just released a new issue with an article by Public Labbers. Kaya Simmons, a student at Northeastern University, has been working on developing the thermal fishing bob, check out an interview with him about the project.

Research notes Canopy structure and function of tropical forests in Peru (posted by allie_shenkin) ShowerKapII (posted by cfastie) A spectrometric tool for hydrocarbon spill response (posted by id022012) H2S photopaper test assembly (posted by Clarke_Brian) Spruce tips (posted by cfastie) A490 Rosco 2007 initial results (posted by patcoyle) I got the Infrablues- CMOS white balance work around (posted by geobduffy) Big NDVI (posted by cfastie) Aerial imagery post-processing tutorials: 3D point clouds, orthomosaics, and 3D models (posted by geobduffy) Using optic fiber to take a picture of multiple light spectrum at the same time (posted by id022012) UAF (posted by cfastie) Infragrams over NYC: Feedback Farm on Bergen Street (posted by liz) Measuring algal photosynthetic activity with Photosynq (posted by gbarthree) Oil platform hotspot analysis analysis near Venice, Louisiana (posted by darinacosta) Infrablue Highways (posted by cfastie) Water quality measurements with optical spectroscopy (posted by phillippg) Aspen leaf miner (posted by cfastie)

As always, if anything was missed, please email the list, post a research note or email shannon@publiclab.org for inclusion in the newsletter next week. Have a great week everyone! Shannon


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