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Public Lab Research note

Public Lab Community Newsletter 7.28.13

by Shannon | July 29, 2013 04:09 29 Jul 04:09 | #8936 | #8936

This week in the Public Lab community newsletter, check out wrap-ups from Massachusetts events, listen to a piece on Public Lab from the Chemical Heritage Foundation and read about teaching air quality in a Brooklyn classroom. Enjoy!

Digital STS Workshop in Boston. Sara Wylie discusses working with a group of Science and Technology Studies (STS) researchers on developing a workshop at the Arnold Arboretum.

WATERCHESTNUTS big picture. Chris Fastie contributes a wrap-up of the WATERCHESTNUTS (Workshop on Aquatic and TERrestrial Characterization via Helium Elevation of Sensor Technology; Needed UFOs and/or Turgid Sleepingbagcovers... what a name!) event that took place in Amhert, MA last Sunday and Monday.

Radio piece and feature in book. Public Lab was featured in an issue of the Chemical Heritage Foundation Distillations podcast and in the Popular Science "Big Book of Hacks".

Summer Air Quality Egg project. The Cypress Hills summer Air Quality Egg project has begun, with two classes per week led by Ms. Melody. The students began with discussing air quality in their neighborhoods.

Boat racing on a Superfund site. An article about the nation's first boat race on a superfund site was just posted to the website, with nice cameo of a big red balloon.

Research Notes Proposal: SLR spectrometer attachment (posted by warren) Pole mapping rig making (posted by gclout01) Lake Warner workflow (posted by cfastie) Seasonal NDVI with PicturePost & Infragram: Monitoring and Phenology (posted by wward1400)

As always, please email the list, post a research note or message shannon@publiclab.org if anything was missed. Have a great week! Shannon


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