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How to Get Street Trees for your Community

by WendyBrawer | August 20, 2019 20:11 | 8 views | 1 comments | #20601 | 8 views | 1 comments | #20601 20 Aug 20:11

This is a minimal template for new activities! If you're drafting a new activity (, remove this line.


Why are you doing this? What are your goals?

Materials needed

  • Include prices & links!
  • don't forget anything!

Step 1

Add illustrations by dragging images onto the page!

Step 2

Don't forget any steps...

Step 3

You can mention some are optional, or say "skip ahead to Step 4"

Wrap up

Show how to confirm you've followed the steps correctly, and note a hypothesis or expected outcome

Add a list of questions to explore next (unknowns, or followup activities)

Request peoples' input -- there's always room for improvement!

I did this Help out by offering feedback!

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