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Home Automation Using Arduino

by avikeid2007 | March 18, 2019 11:10 18 Mar 11:10 | #18759 | #18759

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​Home automation makes you able to control electronic appliances (turning them on or off ) in your home from a remote control or any portable device. There are several ways to achieve Home Automation. Here, This project is a very simplistic application of Home automation for learning use only. Arduino Uno and relay control to turning light off or on by remote control.image description

Project required components :

Arduino UNO

IR Infrared Remote Control Kit

4 Channel 5V Relay Module

Jumper wires (generic)image description

For Circuit Implementation : Visit Home Automation Using Arduino with a remote


This is very cool!

Are you thinking about ways to automate things besides lights? I imagine some folks might be interested in finding ways to automate some of their sensors and data collection tools..

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Thank for your valuable feedback

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