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SoC MeetUp at DTU

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@sagarpreet and I organized a seminar at Delhi Technological University on 10th September 2018 as written in the proposal made in month of March. The even started at 3:30 pm and went till 7pm. More than 100 students participated in the event. The students were from many colleges all over Delhi. Some of the college who participated in this event were DTU, Maharaja Agrasen College, Northern IP, etc.

In the talk, we explained about the open source software. How to start contributing to OSS organisations? We discussed about various programs such as Google Code In, Google Summer Of Code, Rails Girls Summer Of Code, Outreachy and many more. We discussed their timelines and how to write proposals and get accepted in GSOC. We then told about our community ie Public Labs. What different technological stacks are present in our organisation. We discussed our SoC projects. We ended the seminar with our excellent experience at Public Labs.

Few screenshot of the seminar:

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What a big group! Did people have any questions about Public Lab or about open environmental research that you wanted to pass along?

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Yeah it was big seminar more than 100 people from different universities joined it. They asked many questions about public lab. Many of them were answered by us. They asked to explain what technology stack and repositories public lab has. In which repository which tech stack is used. They asked about mapknitters, plots2 etc. They were interested to know about the community. Who are involved in it? Who is admin? Who are mentors? Their work... What we really build at public lab? Etc...

These all were answered by us. Mainly questions were about how to start contributing to public labs.

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Fantastic! What a great job

This is AMAZING!!! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

What great work!

How did you do outreach for the event? How did people hear about it?

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People came to know about the event by the Facebook page created by us. Our friends shared it on. So friends of friends came to know about the event. Similarly they keep on sharing and the whole university came to know about the event.

Thanks for this great seminar ! Learned a lot about how to select the project and start learning by contributing to open source. @sagarpreet @bansal_sidharth2996

Thanks @amangarg

Welcome @amangarg !

Thank You ! @liz

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