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Public Lab Research note

GLAM and Gowanus Canal Conservancy Goal Setting Meeting

by Bronwen | August 15, 2014 16:40 15 Aug 16:40 | #11057 | #11057

On Wednesday, 8/13, members of GLAM, the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, and Public Lab met to discuss goal setting for the near future. Thus far, mapping efforts have focused on the following:

• Documenting historical sites • Monitoring vegetation • Assessing the efficacy of green spaces, and locating opportunities for future ones • Locating and identifying the sources of pollution in the canal • Serving as a community engagement project, and raising awareness of the canal

A near goal is to map the entire length of the canal (most likely to attempt in this fall). In the coming months we also hope to:

• Identify and prioritize future study sites • ID vacant lots suitable for sewer diversion (before hitting floodzones) • Continue conversations with stakeholders, and build new relationships with community groups and local organizations. • Create an interactive map documenting points of interest along the Gowanus

Stay tuned for more information and chances to get involved this fall!


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