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Invitation to Friends and Family Day-Flushing Bay-May 10

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What I want to do-Improve the water quality of Flushing Bay, Queens, New York


My attempt and results- With the Water Trail Association and The River Project as parent organizations we have been taking samples and analyzing the quality of the water in Flushing Bay for the past 2 years. The water contains high levels of bacteria due to the 2 large CSOs which dump raw sewage into the Bay during rainfalls.

Questions and next steps-We are having a shoreline Friends and Family Day on May 10th from 11am-3pm. Please join us!

Why I'm interested- The Empire Dragon Boat Team, of which I am a member, practices on Flushing Bay 5 hours per week.


Hello -- it looks like your main image didn't upload properly... do you think you could try to upload it again? You can click "edit" on your post and try one more time. Thanks!

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Hi, Thanks for letting me know that the image of the flyer didn't upload. I have tried it again several times and am not having success. I'll keep trying.

Hmm... What seems to happen? Can you send a screenshot to

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Hi, i'm an admin, so I was able to take a screenshot of your PDF and upload it. The lead image uploader does not work with PDFs, sorry!

Hi Carmel, have you talked with Eymund about plans to either get folks to sign up for a future balloon mapping event, or to actually put up a balloon on the 10th?

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Hi Liz, No I haven't yet, but am planning to make the mapping the main topic of discussion during our lunch on May 8th. I'm thinking that we need to understand the scope of the mapping project first before putting up a balloon, but then I am not entirely sure that I understand what putting up a balloon will do. See you Thursday.

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