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Water Pollution (Riffle) Project

by efukuda | October 07, 2015 13:02 | 27 views | 0 comments | #12274 | 27 views | 0 comments | #12274 07 Oct 13:02

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What I want to do

Project semester goal(s): • *Benchmarking Riffle sensor data

• *We will be looking for solutions with known values for conductivity and use liquids with different temperatures to test how well the sensors read the data (check for percent error)

• Comparing Riffle measurements to other sensors’ measurements

• Looking at statistical analysis of data for usable conclusions

My attempt and results

Questions and next Steps

Questions: • What kinds of data analysis should we use for our data?

• For Goal #2, what kind/type of sensor should we use?

• Where should we get our data? (Location)

Why I'm interested

Future Plans


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