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the Hills have Acne: passenger pigeon photos of drill sites out West

by eustatic | May 10, 2012 22:08 | 90 views | 4 comments | #1952 | 90 views | 4 comments | #1952 10 May 22:08

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my phone GPS was not working at 20k feet, so i don't know where these photos were taken--somewhere between PDX to Houston, closer to PDX. but these are drill pads. Just like in Louisiana.

There's photos of Salt Lake(?) taken just before these.

Wyoming? 41.427283,-110.842438

Was there ever a One-Pager written?

Could the Passenger Pigeon Site include Baton Rouge (nee Exxon) and Norco (nee Shell Motiva) as potential sites to photograph from starboard-side windows approaching BTR and MSY, respectively?


Definitely. Do you know people that fly into BR ever? When I was flying from the Midwest back, we also came in over the Mississippi (who knows why, maybe just circling) probably around upper Plaquemines/St. B area I'm thinking, that would be another spot to see if we could get schedules for.

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Sweet. Amazing.

I wonder if you could browse Google Maps and find a lat/lon for some of these... i'd love to help stitch them in MapKnitter. The body of water looks like it could be a good landmark...


Woohoo! I found it -- the very gnarled lake is Starvation Reservoir, near Duchesne, Utah.

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I bet the NPS there would appreciate the images- esp. showing that the drill sites are pretty much all above the reservoir. Sick.

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MapKnitter map (started with just one image, feel free to add):

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