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Public Lab Research note

Separating power tags from normal tags

by gaeunkim | January 06, 2017 16:51 06 Jan 16:51 | #13842 | #13842

I worked on solving an issue for Publiclab by separating the appearance of power tags from normal tags. A detailed explanation of what power tags are can be found here.

  • Required resources: Publiclab Github repository, code editor

  • Steps I took to solve the issue

  • Deploy the Publiclab website on Cloud9 by following the instructions here.

  • Locate the _tagging.html.erb file in the Github repository.
  • Edit the file to separate power tags from normal tags (Check if the tag contains a colon. If it does, display it as a power tag by using a different color class, and if it doesn't display it as a normal tag.)


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