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Call for Outreachy 2019 proposals!

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With support from the DIAL Open Source Center, we're again part of Outreachy -- which recruits software contributors to work on open source projects:

Outreachy provides three-month internships to work in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Interns are paid a stipend of $5,500 and have a $500 travel stipend available to them. Outreachy internship projects may include programming, user experience, documentation, illustration and graphical design, or data science. Interns often find employment after their internship with Outreachy sponsors or in jobs that use the skills they learned during their internship.

Outreachy internships are open to applicants around the world. Interns work remotely with mentors from FOSS communities.We expressly invite women (both cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people to apply. We also expressly invite applications from residents and nationals of the United States of any gender who are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin@, Native American/American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander. Anyone who faces under-representation, systemic bias, or discrimination in the technology industry of their country is invited to apply.

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This will be our second time working with Outreachy although we've been fans for some time. Learn more about the program and get involved!

So, we're asking applicants to start posting their proposals for comment, here.

You will still have to post your official proposals on the Outreachy website. But we'd like to hear how different applicants build out their proposals based on our project description, UI Improvements, here. Read on!


Outreachy's application deadline is the 26th of March. Full timeline here!

Get familiar with the project

We've posted a welcome page for Outreachy people here! Say hello!

Once you've made an initial starting contribution to our codebase (we're happy to help you with this on our welcome page here), the next step is to read carefully through our project description and ask questions, here.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below, or to join our chat channel at

Our welcoming page will help you understand how we collaborate, and we'll be there to help you take your first step. As many of you have done already, try tackling a first-timers-only issue, to get an idea of how to become a contributor!

Post a proposal for comment

Once you've read through some of these ideas and become a bit more familiar with our projects, it's time to post a proposal of your own.

You don't need to have a complete proposal to post here -- share your thoughts early and we'll help you refine your proposal, and help you plan something that's right for you.

We've created a template for you to post a proposal here. Click this button to begin:

Start drafting a proposal

Note: Outreachy's official application is directly to the Outreachy organization, through their website. But we would like all Outreachy applicants to post a proposal here as well, because:

  • we will review proposals here in looking over applications and indicating our preferences to folks leading up to March 26th
  • we think it's great to have a dialogue with teams
  • we'd like to know specifically about your planning process in tackling a project or set of projects
  • we're friendly!

Read other proposals

Before or after you post your own draft, read through others' listed below. Your best comments and input may come from other applicants!

You can also read through past proposals for Outreachy at and proposals for similar programs here: #call-for-proposals


Title Author Updated Likes
Outreachy proposal: UI Improvement @madeofhuman new contributor about 5 hours ago
Outreachy proposal: Revamp the website interface and add User friendly features @vanshika421 new contributor 5 days ago



Please ask questions! We're very friendly and we love welcoming new people into our community.


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@gauraveno We can start proposing proposals right. So that there could be some discussion and suggestions by the mentors ?

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Yes @lekhidugtal, you can post your proposal anytime before March 26. We recommend to post it early so we can have the discussion, suggest changes, etc. Thanks!

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@gauravano. Can I post the designs. As the project for outreachy is more about UI improvements.

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Sure @lekhidugtal, you can make your proposal as detailed as you want.

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@gauravano I have already filled the Application on Outreachy website. Is it compulsory to post the application here as well?

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Hi @shreyateeza, it's not compulsory. We suggest posting the Outreachy proposal here as it helps us better understand the project via discussion with the aspirants and may also help you to refine as well, with input from others.


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We are looking forwards for supportive folks. Make sure to do 1. at least one PR review each week and

make some FTO issues in each week to involve new contributors inside your projects. People will love to be part of big projects. It is a great feeling to help others.

Please take out a day from timeline from each month at end of each phase of SoC fellowship to write about what you learnt and did in the period. Earlier it was not compulsory. But let's make it compulsory. By this mentors will be able to access your progress. Don't forget to mention the ftos which you created during this period. Also mention the PR reviews which you did.

We are planning for video calls I'm each month during SoC program. So, it will be great to see you all.

These are small activities which can lead to better and supportive community at PL. All participants all programs are encourage to write these in their proposals.

Thanks and best of luck.

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Three more optional suggestions: If you were a GCI mentor please mention it in your proposal. We will give extra credit to these long term collaborators. Second, it will be great to have a conference or seminar at your university about Public Lab and the programs which are held here. It is optional. No compulsion at all. Thirdly, help each other in writing their proposals by giving suggestions under the proposals.

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