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Waterway Vulnerability to Agricultural and Feedlot Practices

by gilbert | October 11, 2017 21:33 11 Oct 21:33 | #15038 | #15038

What riparian agricultural practices could be modified, so as to further protect the nearby waterways from rainwater runoff (e.g. fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, animal wastes)?


A little known group, Quantum Photonic Research & Development, LLC, a start-up, has devised a plan to use a process and a device to limit the amount of run-off being detected by standard methods. Rainwater run-off issues, considering the mounting evidence of Climate Change due to rapid regional, national and international weather patterns, is a concern now but will be a major health and safety problem in the next two decades.

Without changes in crop, farm-animal, and feedlot practices, near future water-quality monitoring may become moot?

It's all about the amount of water being used and how it is distributed...the topsoil can only hold so much...

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