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Rocketfish hd webcam conversion

by gonzoearth | June 20, 2013 22:39 20 Jun 22:39 | #8323 | #8323

I converted a Rocketfish HD webcam (model RF-HDWEB10) for infrablue by removing the IR filter and adding a piece of Rosco 2007.


The Filter removal was easy(holding with spudger in above image). It was located on the underside of the familiar screwed in lens assembly that cracked open quite easily. This is a discontinued $5 camera. Major downside is that currently it only works in Skype and on the mac. The current rocketfish webcams are around $15 and seem to be cross platform. The new cameras are likely better but this one does seems promising (although still need to test the blue channel leaking IR). Auto-focus continues to work after re-assembly and the camera has white balance control.


Image of cypress tree within group of eucalyptus trees. Side note: I got Ned's plugin up and running with Fiji on my macbook with zero issues. Settling in with using it...

Update with more close up images of the inside:





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Wow, cool!

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updated original post with closer pictures of the board

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