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The IMC Lab +Gallery

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The IMC Lab + Gallery


We are a media lab + gallery based in New York City. Since 2001 we have collaborated with artists + coders from 20+ countries, producing 100+ multimedia exhibitions, education events, commercial software apps and interactive installations.

Our work has been featured in parks, museums, movie theaters, stadiums, concerts, on buildings in Times Square and billboards on 7 continents, as well as in our loft space in Manhattan.



We support artists + coders who explore imaginative uses for new technologies. Together with these diverse teams of designers, programmers and entrepreneurs, we create new works, disruptive tools and killer apps that enable more open forms of interdisciplinary collaboration, expression and education.

We invest in mixed-media that blends virtual and real, bringing new work to market, seeking artists + coders who mix the tactility of objects with the intangibility of virtual spaces, and building augmented, interactive experiences that link people and inspire magic.

Our goal is to keep fueling the growth of robust start-up ecosystems and creative collectives via new funding models, agile methodologies, unique exhibits in our lab space, research and commercial projects with partner museums, art collectors, investors, Universities, software firms, governments and NGOs.


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