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Long Thermistor Test

by kgrevera | August 22, 2015 15:02 22 Aug 15:02 | #12160 | #12160

Long Thermistor Test


This is a further continuation of the thermal fishing bob project Sara Wylie and I are working on in collaboration with Mare Liberum. For that workshop we want to use the multiple thermistor design and longer thermistors.

Research Questions

  • Will the long thermistors be as accurate as the ones we have been using?
  • Will they react as quickly?


I used the same variation on the multiple thermistor bob from my thermistor test. I simply replaced one of the regular thermistors with the long thermistor and plugged the arduino into my computer to get a temperature reading on the Arduino program's serial monitor. I just held the thermistor ends in my hand to warm them, but made sure the head was evenly distributed. I made a point of switching the position of the long thermistor with the regular thermistors as I retested to eliminate the chance that board position influenced how temperature was being read.


The long thermistor worked well. It actually hooked up even easier to the board terminal than our regular ones do. It was about 1 degree Fahrenheit off of the the readings of the regular thermistors, so this is something to be taken into account in further tests. This was seen regardless of where the long thermistor was positioned.




2M thermistor


close-up of temperature-reading end


multiple thermistor board


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