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All Summer of Code convening Live Call

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Dear Summer of Coders (students and mentors and others), and everyone in general:

Tomorrow, May 8, 2018 at 8:30am Vancouver, 10:30am New Orleans and Peru, 11:30am NYC and Providence, 5:30pm Israel and Poland, 9:00pm Delhi, 11:30pm mainland China, we will be convening on

For some other timezones, see,1650,b8jj

Who should attend

The call is open to all, however, for folks related to Summer of Code, please attend if at all possible as this is part of our Community Bonding activities:

How the call will be run

To begin the call, I will call people in order to say hello and share a few things about themselves such as where they are from, where they are going to school or working if that applies, some of their favorite hobbies or interests. Next, I will call project teams to give Very Brief overviews of their projects so we can all hear about each other's planned work. That's it in a nutshell, i expect good spirits and some joking around on this casual, "get to know each other" call.

Thanks and see you tomorrow!


@stefannibrasil and @milaaraujo - excited that you are joining Summer of Code! Will you be able to join us tomorrow?

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@liz due to family problems I am going to home tomorrow and I am fully unavailable for 2 days. But during travel I may be able(not surely) to join you people for some time. Sorry for that.

Hi @mkashyap354, sorry to hear this, please take your time - and all best to you and yours.

thanks @liz

I am comfortable with any time after 3pm tomorrow. As I will reach home after 3pm after giving my first end sem exam. Will be happy to join the conversation. Curious to speak to you all

Hi, I also have exams Tuesday and will not be able to attend. Happy to give a brief update: --Attending high school in Virginia. I live close to Washington DC! --My project's goal is to build better software tools for different public lab science projects. Right now I am trying to determine how to optimize camera settings, in the future I hope to work with computer vision tools to make measurements. --My project may be different from the other GSOC projects in that it uses a raspberry pi computer connected to different types of optical measuring equipment. The applications include a microscope, false color infrared imaging and spectroscopy. One of the challenges is to get both the optical hardware and processing software to work together. -I hope to post a new note soon with results of some NOIR (near infrared) camera observations.

Great to hear about your project @maggipi

Hi, all, did anyone take a screenshot of when we had this meeting? I thought it could be fun to post. πŸ˜„

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How about having a meet again soon πŸ˜ƒ , as it's been a month now since the last meet?

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Love it! Let's do it πŸ˜ƒ

Want to do the same time as last time? Maybe find that handy time zone URL and we can get organized that way?

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I guess making a new note would be required and there we can get everyone else's thought about the timing, so max people can join.

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