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GO SCUM update

by liz with eymund | January 16, 2012 00:44 | 128 views | 0 comments | #689 | 128 views | 0 comments | #689 16 Jan 00:44

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GO SCUM (Gowanus Superfund Contaminated Underwater Mapping) update:

I'm building a Gowanus Canal "bottle boat" for the thermal flashlight so I can take it out for some test runs over the next weekends.

1_GO SCUM Expeditionary Force equipment transport system

1.5_Rough Sketch for GO SCUM Bottle Boat

2_Gowanus thrash materials being used to make bottle boat

3_Gowanus salvaged plastic being cut for boat

4_Gowanus Deck for the Thermal Mapper Boat

5_Bottles attached to underside of deck with existing label glue plus telephone wire

6_One Gallon milk bottle triples size of LED because of better diffusion but battery pack now in separate container

7_sample light mapping Photo looking north from carroll-street bridge at dawn

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