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Video idea for thermal fishing bob in Gowanus

by liz | March 02, 2012 16:43 02 Mar 16:43 | #883 | #883

From Eymund: I'm going to be doing a canoe test run of our new thermal mapping device either Saturday or Sunday evening. (March 3/4 2012)

Let me know if a cold night time cruise is something you are interested in.

The idea is to eventually create a Dredger's / Conservancy "Art" film, showing sewer overflows as glowing red light on the Canal.

Also we want to highlight in green light where fresh water streams go into the Canal, and potential opportunities.

Where nothing happens - eg the light colors of the thermal mapper DONT change to green - that is also good, as it allows us to highlight the fact that those streams have been diverted to the sewer mains (and contribute to sewer overflows).

The movie would begin with some shots of pumps in some of my neighbors basements, and them talking about how the streams periodically flood.

The purpose of the project is to develop scientific mapping data to highlight potential "action sites", (Degraw and Nevins, Union and Bond) where the DEP and NYSDEC would rebuild sewer sections to allow these streams to reconnect to street end bio-swale stream gardens.

The issue is topical because Green Infrastructure grants in our neighborhood are proposing to increase rain water infiltration into the soil. This would be pointless if our historical sewer mains have been designed to pick that same water up through underground connections.


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