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Simple air sensor assembly notes

by natevw | October 09, 2019 23:31 09 Oct 23:31 | #21126 | #21126

How the activity went

I helped my 10yo assemble this kit. He was successful. When we blow out a candle the light turns red almost right away!

Issues I encountered

The cable was an intimidating brush of tangled wire strands when we got it. I think it would have been very hard to get into the breadboard that way. After separating the wires, we rolled them together and tinned them with some solder.

It took a couple starts to get all the connections to fit, but since there aren't very many it wasn't such a big deal.


The cable was the biggest hurdle, since it needed tinning to be breadboard-friendly and it was a bit of an extra puzzle matching up the wires compared with the different cable shown in the assembly pictures. It was a good experience for my kid though and he figured it out quick enough.

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