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Public Lab Research note

MapKnitter map of more updates to construction site near Mocho Park Livermore CA

by patcoyle | August 30, 2021 23:35 30 Aug 23:35 | #27637 | #27637

Latest and probably last in a series of maps of this site:

This is a follow up map done with Structure From Motion (SFM) (processing via WebODM), from over 500 photos taken with DJI Mavic Mini at ~50 meters above ground. Initial mapping this site was conducted with KAP from 2013-2014 as noted in: https://publiclab.org/notes/patcoyle/02-27-2014/more-updated-maps-construction-site-activities-near-mocho-park

Why I'm interested: The capability to document changes in our built environment and produce "map of the day" is a key benefit of the Public Lab tools.


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