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3-camera rig testing with with CHDK

by patcoyle | May 20, 2012 03:51 20 May 03:51 | #2143 | #2143

I flew a quick 3-camera rig test with with MK111 timer and CHDK intended to trigger Canon A490 (iR converted by Jeff Warren) and A495 (visible).

The MK111 timer and batteries were in a plastic bag slung in the center rig position. An iPhone 4s with CameraSharp app, which shoots in continuous mode and geotags photos with gps info, was flown below the bag with the timer.

There were issues. The A490 (iR) didn't shoot. Afterwards, it appeared the SDHC card hadn't clicked into place properly. In my rush, I didn't stop to check it.

The A495 shot over 700 images but they were all unusably overexposed. I didn't consciously change exposure or apply the shutter priority settings, Jeff discusses at:

Perhaps I should have. The screenshot, overexposed photo info, shows the shutter speed at 1/20th of a second. for one of the overexposed image. A few of the over 1800 iPhoto images are visible in the far right of the screen.

Suggestions are welcome.

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