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H2S film strip bag test

by Shannon | February 01, 2012 02:58 01 Feb 02:58 | #737 | #737

Working at RISD D&M tonight, we've been coming up with potential design ideas for how to best create a bag that we can ship film strips in, won't let much light in, won't heat up too much when left outside and will let airflow access the film strip.

We're using basic black trash bags (as we found out today that we don't need to be too concerned with light exposure to the film strips). The first rendition is 27 inches in length, folded over three times, duct taped and the layer that is double sided has slits at different intervals to let air in, but not light.

The second version is simply open at one end. It lets in more air and light. The bag is long- 12 inches and the end will be propped open with a toothpick.

The third one that we're thinking of lets less air in the bags with a smaller opening hole.

We have a couple of pictures, will upload later. We will also be testing out the bags with the film strips in them, will post results next week.



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