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Public Lab community newsletter 6.8.12

by Shannon | June 08, 2012 16:11 08 Jun 16:11 | #2408 | #2408

Greetings! As this Public Lab community newsletter is being compiled on a beautiful summer day that reminds us of good things to come, we thought it only appropriate to concentrate on some of the upcoming and current collaborations that are happening between Public Lab and other organizations and within Public Lab. There has also been some interesting work done this week on thermal flashlight surface mounts, olive oil and spectrometry, NRG imaging and new aerial photography rigs as well as three new maps appearing in the archive. Enjoy!

1) New maps are now online. A map created with images captured May 13 at Woodlands Conservancy in Belle Chase, Louisiana is now available in the Public Lab archives. There are also two new maps in the archive from Newtown Creek, New York City, stitched with images captured in August 2011.

2) Rhus and Public Lab have embarked on an exciting collaboration to use the Rhus software platform to visualize the placement and results of photographic Hydrogen Sulfide monitoring.

3) Public Lab website updates. As mentioned in the newsletter from last week, there are a bunch of new projects underway. Check out some of the updates that have happened during the last week and you will definitely become inspired to join in the fun!

4) Collaboration with If you haven't checked out this platform for citizen science projects, you really should as its a great resource! Public Lab will be cross-listing a few of the "field tested" and "in-development" tools that the community has been working to promote awareness amongst users of for potential use in projects. Once they are on the site (in the next week), we'll send an update with links.

5) Interested in environmental justice and extractive industries? Here's a couple of interesting resources that came up in the last week that you might be interested in checking out: the Journal of American History is running an open access special edition called Oil in American History that has some great articles on the oil and gas industry. Environmental Health News is currently in the middle of a ten day series examining environmental justice issues across the country from Cali to Boston and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan down to the Gulf Coast.

6) Nonprofit fundraising update. Today, Public Lab submitted a letter of inquiry to the Claneil Foundation, a family foundation that supports work on environmental justice.

7) And of course, a run down of some of the fascinating research notes coming in during the week: Surface mount mini thermal flashlight (posted by Nadya) NRG images of cover crop trials (posted by cfastie) New webcam for PLOTS video spectrometer (posted by warren) FABAoutfit for vertical KAP and BAP (posted by Juan) Testing oil fluorescence with a green laser (posted by warren)

Another great week everyone! Can I be the first to say that I always look forward to Mondays when there is so much exciting work and collaboration happening? As always, if we forgot something, send it to the list, post a research note or email it to to have it listed in the newsletter next Friday. Have a great weekend, Shannon


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