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Plugging In! (Intentions & Solidarity)

by tayreed | January 26, 2017 20:01 26 Jan 20:01 | #13881 | #13881

Hey friends,

I'm brand new here, and apologize if this is in the wrong place. I'm currently working on an independent study course on Environmental Applications in Spatial Statistics & Analysis, and hoping to plug in meaningfully and do some real-world work through Public Lab's community and initiatives.

I'm looking for two (or more) areas where work involving GIS/Spatial Stats/Landscape Metrics might be helpful. If any of you might have any thoughts or ideas, I'm very interested. I'm located in Northern Lower Michigan, and have interests in, well, anything ecology, environmental law and policy, etc related (as well as plenty more that's not). Real glad to be here- it's good for the heart & mind to see what you folks are doing.




Welcome, Taylor! Though I'm based in DC at the moment, I'm originally from the Ann Arbor area. I believe there is some work or interest in work around Ludington related to frac sand mining, a topic community members in Wisconsin have been working on for quite some time.

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Thanks so much, Becki! I'll have to look into it further. Appreciate the lead!

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@tayreed Hello, Taylor...

...Sorry for the delay. I'd think that any quantitative analytics regarding the degree of sand removal from Sargent Sand's site would be of potentially great benefit to our group. (I have no proof, but cynically wonder if Sargent truly reports accurate mining information to the State of Michiganit's been reported by the DEQ that Sargent supplies the data on the "honor system"hmmm. That said, I'm simple a Veterinarian and a community "activist" in this quest to minimize further destruction to these irreplaceable dunes that we're all kind of fond of. I'd be more than willing to help YOU in anyway that I'm capable of and would at the very least, love to hear your thoughts on what type of data could be gathered and how it can help yourself (more than any other one thing) AND provide valuable data for us and groups like FracTracker Alliance that has been really interested in such information. Let me know if that is a giant "thud" of an invitation or if it's appealing to you in any way, okay? ( I would not be offended if it's the former).

Glenn Walquist

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Hey Glenn!

Thanks for the words, and MY apologies for not getting back sooner. Working full-time and taking a full course-load of classes, so doing my best to keep up, but falling behind here and there every now and then. Here's to multiple disciplines and competing priorities, right? :)

I'll shoot word over when I have more thoughts on what data/techniques/material, etc might be useful. I'll be looking into that and doing some research this week. I think this might be a bit of a challenge to find appropriate parameters, methods and such, but I'm definitely looking forward to trying. Be well.

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