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Announcing 10 Summer of Code projects for 2018

by warren | April 23, 2018 16:24 | 602 views | 14 comments | #16197 | 602 views | 14 comments | #16197 23 Apr 16:24

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We're happy to announce we're accepting 9 students through Google Summer of Code this season. This is almost double last year's 5 slots, and reflects big, positive changes in our community this past year.Update: we also just learned that we are working with a team of two through Rails Girls Summer of Code!

(I've cross-posted this here)

We've seen a dramatic rise in newcomers over the past year (read more here and follow #software-outreach), and over a dozen contributors emerged as community leaders, not only championing larger and more complex projects, but also welcoming in and supporting newcomers to grow our community. Many of this year's students are in this group.

Congratulations and thanks: @MaggPi, @Gauravano @namangupta @Vidit @tech4GT @mridulnagpal @bansal_sidharth2996 @sagarpreet @Souravirus

See all the proposals here:

Title Author Updated Likes
GSoc Proposal: OAuth & Upgrade to Bootstrap 4 @bansal_sidharth2996 3 months ago
GSOC-18 Email notification overhaul. @vidit 11 months ago
Gsoc 2018: Final Work Product - Email notification overhaul @vidit 11 months ago
GSoC 2018: Upgrade of Public Lab to Rails 5.2 @souravirus 11 months ago
GSoC 2018: Final Work Product of Draft Feature and Email Integration Project @gauravano 11 months ago
GSOC Multi Party Auth System @bansal_sidharth2996 11 months ago
GSoC Submission for Leaflet Blurred Location Part 2 @mridulnagpal 11 months ago
GSoC Proposal: Draft Feature & Email Integration Project @gauravano 11 months ago
GSoC 2018 Wrap-Up Post @sagarpreet 11 months ago
GSoC proposal: Computer Vision enhancements for Raspberry Pi based Public Lab Science Projects @MaggPi about 1 year ago
GSoC proposal: Social Media Integration and Leaflet-Layers Library . @sagarpreet over 1 year ago
GSoC proposal: Upgrade to Rails 5 @souravirus over 1 year ago
GSoC proposal: Leaflet Blurred Location Part 2 @mridulnagpal over 1 year ago
GSoC proposal: Email integration Project @namangupta over 1 year ago
GSoC proposal: Image-Sequencer v2 : Processing on steroids @tech4gt over 1 year ago
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We'd also like to thank those who have made it possible, through their supportive mentoring, for our community to see such successes -- including those who help (beyond coding) to shape the course of our software projects by proposing new features, and those who help to set the positive, welcoming tone that makes our project one which people want to join.

Congratulations to our 9 summer projects, and thanks also to those whose projects weren't selected. We wish we could work with all of you, and we deeply appreciate what you contribute.

PS: For a cool animation of our collaboration, check out this page and press RUN:


I'm a mentor!

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I'm a mentor too!

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I'm a mentor.

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WoW! Thanks Public Lab (and Google) for the opportunity!! What's the best way for the student to connect with the mentor?

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@MaggPi We have a channel on gitter and you can also send e-mails to us.

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Thanks a lot everyone. Especially @warren @liz you guys have been very supportive. Really excited!!!

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Hi there, I'm a mentor! Excited to get to know the new people :)

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Also - we're doing introductions over here -- but @MaggPi I don't know your GitHub name... if you chime in there it's a good place to say hello!

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Hi, I'm a mentor! I'm looking forward to working together!

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Hi Everyone, I've mentioned you in the note i just posted about our Community Bonding Call tomorrow: -- please join!

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Hi, all - just checking in with the 4 points I made during the call (some will be repetitive, sorry!):

  1. Create planning issues -- with a checklist! -- from your proposals -- read more here to help coordinate your work with others
  2. Try creating a first-timers-only issue from one of your checklist items -- learn more here -- to bring other people into your project, and slowly build a team over the course of the summer
  3. Use CodeClimate to find suggestions on how to make your code more readable and maintainable
  4. Talk to each other! Don't get stuck - ask for help; we're all here to help each other out. Use the chatroom, post an issue, and also remember to offer help (like reviewing PRs, troubleshooting) to each other and to newcomers.

It was great seeing you all -- thanks and get ready for a great summer!

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Hi, everyone!!! Just wanted to say to the GSoC folks -- welcome to your first day!!!

@MaggPi, @Gauravano @namangupta @Vidit @tech4GT @mridulnagpal @bansal_sidharth2996 @sagarpreet @Souravirus @icarito @mkashyap354 @amirberagain

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Thanks @warren

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Thanks a lot @warren :D

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