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Crude oil samples for purchase online

by warren | May 03, 2013 16:39 03 May 16:39 | #7222 | #7222

While we definitely want to be testing crude samples from known oil spills, having reference samples is also important to testing for petroleum contamination. This company (http://onta.com/) sells small vials of different types of crude oil which you can buy online. I haven't ordered any yet but would love to compare laser or UV fluorescence with this vs. one of our samples.

The "basic oil" set is only $5, or ~$10 shipped!


It occurred to me in talking with @stevie that samples we collect ought to be treated as "unknowns" -- i think these mail-order samples are directly from the wellhead, so are pretty credible, although it'd be great to know more about how they collect them.

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Update: photo of the samples from Crude Oil Set #1:


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Crude Oil Set # 1 shows the basic differences between petroleums / crude oils. This set comes with an information sheet and these 6 petroleum / crude oil samples: Paraffinic (light, sweet), Paraffinic-Naphthenic (light-medium, sweet-sour), Naphthenic (medium, sour), Aromatic- Intermediate (medium-heavy, sour), Aromatic-Naphthenic (heavy, sour), Aromatic-Asphaltic (extra-heavy, sour). To buy Crude Oil Set # 1 at $14.95 U.S. each, press the "Add to Cart"

Excited to prepare these with the steps at Oil Testing Kit at the event on July 31!

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