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New accessibility features for making aerial maps in MapKnitter

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Map-making with your aerial photos is an important part of balloon or kite mapping. It's like making puzzles -- SOME people really love it and SOME people really don't!

MapKnitter -- now entering it's 9th year as a free and open source project hosted by Public Lab -- has slowly been getting upgrades and refinements that make it easier to use.

We've just posted an update that made MapKnitter more accessible, with new differently-shaped handle icons that also work on tablets, where map-making can be more collaborative. See it in action in the GIF above.

We also made the handles larger, which makes it easier to use on a tablet -- iPads make for a great way to get a group together and stitch a map in a group.

Give it a try at!

image description

...or if you're working on your own mapping projects and want to use just the distortion component, check out our stand-alone library, Leaflet Distortable Image:

**Update **I also wanted to highlight that 2 different first-time contributors helped make this latest version possible!

Thanks to Nana Adjedu and Jason for their help in completing this update!

image description


Great jeff! Can you remember us the shortcuts for the different commands? Thanks!!

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Yes, and we should show tooltips for them - could you open an issue for that?

R - toggle rotate/distort L - lock T - transparent O - outline (pretty similar to transparent)

I think that's it?

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is there a delete command shortcut, the pop up doesn't pop up on my windows machine in chrome

Hi, Scott - could you try opening it in an incognito window? Are you seeing the blue square handles?

We don't have a keyboard command for deletion but I think Stevie opened an issue for that and I can try to help push it along.

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