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More Infragram sample webcam tests

by warren | August 05, 2013 18:37 05 Aug 18:37 | #8963 | #8963

Following up on my recent posts on Infragram tests, I just received a new sample, of this webcam:

The lead image is what I see when I take a photo through it; it has no built-in infrared block filter. Then I took a photo with a Rosco #2007 filter in front:


Very dramatic! But possibly not useful, since it seems all 3 channels are being saturated with infrared light from plants. Not only do the histograms show poor differentiation between red and blue (see below), but vegetation looks basically identical in both images. Boo... moving on to the next sample...




Did you make sure the IR LEDs were not shining on the filter? That might might have some effect. I also notice that the stack(?) in the sky line does not show detail in the filtered picture.

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yes, thanks; unfortunately it never ended up working, but check out this update; we have some decent options now:

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