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Getting started with infrared photography on Infragram.org

by warren | October 20, 2017 15:31 20 Oct 15:31 | #15075 | #15075

This tutorial walks through working with images on Infragram.org, which is an easy way to process your infrared/visible images online.

For more about DIY infrared photography, what it's for, #NDVI, or anything else we've talked about in this tutorial, see the Infragram page. Here, we'll start with the assumption that you:

  • have an image from an Infragram-type single-image camera, and not working with two separate images for visible and infrared
  • you've set a custom white balance, especially if you're using an Infragram Point & Shoot
  • you are familiar with NDVI and want to get an NDVI image from your image


Generally, the steps include:

  1. uploading an image
  2. choosing a preset
  3. choosing a color map if you didn't in Step 2
  4. saving and/or downloading the image


This video walks you through these basics in just a few minutes. If you have questions, please post them here!

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