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Attempted infrared imaging of motor oil in salt water

by warren | December 07, 2010 14:50 | 99 views | 3 comments | #7 | 99 views | 3 comments | #7 07 Dec 14:50


it's a photo of water (near a marina) with motor oil in it; then i took a digital camera, removed the hot mirror filter which usually removes all infrared light, and added a filter to remove all visible light. The result is a camera which takes pictures only in the 800-1200 nanometer wavelengths.

unfortunately, it does not highlight motor oil. I don't know if it'd work for crude, but i suspect we need an image closer to 2500 nm.

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Whoa, this lead image is wrong. Hmm.

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There was a spam comment on this note which I deleted today. This is note number 7?

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