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SkyTruth & Southwings collect evidence for lawsuit on 7-yr-old oil spill

by warren | February 06, 2012 20:34 06 Feb 20:34 | #756 | #756

Via, which writes:

The lawsuit, filed last week in federal court by the Waterkeeper Alliance and several Gulf Coast Waterkeeper organizations, aims to halt the spill and to make public the facts of the company’s seven-year response and recovery operation. The lawsuit claims that the damaged operation has been leaking several hundred gallons per day into the Gulf of Mexico.

The spill is one of several identified in a new Gulf monitoring report released Feb. 2 by watchdog groups including SkyTruth, SouthWings, Lower Mississippi Riverkeepers and the Waterkeepers Alliance.

The report:

The great image above (from the cited report) highlights the use of satellite data in making the case.


The Thing about this report is that it doesn't take into account the Natural seeps of the Gulf. i imagine they may be responsible for many (hundreds?) of the oil slicks reported to NRC each year (which number in the 3,000's).

I am currently in the middle of circling back with Carrie Beth Lasley of UNO CHART and Ian McDonald (who has produced a GIS of natural seeps off LA coast).

the forum is down at the moment, but i have some of the data displayed there, i'm also posting things to the GRN blog


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Carrie Beth Lasley's Poster

Darin Acosta's Visualization of "HotSpots"

A .kmz of Carrie Beth's data from 2010. it is somewhat incomplete.

  1. also somewhat incomplete.

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