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Laser particulate sensor prototype test

by warren | May 16, 2012 22:32 16 May 22:32 | #2016 | #2016

Testing the idea of using a mirror box and a laser to detect particulates. Way too much scattering right now, and I don't actually have a second mirror -- i'm using Mylar taped to the inner wall. This was with cigarette smoke.


Particulate size is going to be the biggest issue, as danger and size are directly related--- I wonder if some packing tape and a cell-phone microscope wouldn't work: Ozcan's LUCAS (cellphone microscope) papers are here: http://innovate.ee.ucla.edu/refereed-journal-publications.html#DOI_101039C000453G

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here's the specific article that includes characterizing Particulate Matter: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2010/LC/C003477K

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Packing tape is a good idea. I am interested in the laser technique because it would be realtime and wouldn't "run out" like when the packing tape is used up.

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we could go "reel to reel" with the tape, taking readings right after particulate exposure. it wouldn't be real time, or last forever, but It would also create an analog, material artifact of the testing, which is good for verification/chain of custody.

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Just want to remember this idea: small good-sized first-surface mirrors can be found in scanners, and I'm planning to take one apart to get them out. One reason the above test didn't work well was because I didn't have good quality mirrors. First surface mirrors would be especially good because they have no glass in the beam path -- they're just bare silvered surfaces.

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