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Environmental Scientist/Chemical Engineer. Environmental remediation specialist.

Love the idea behind the site. Hoping to learn and share.

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"And I do not have any links atm but I can find suitable products. I would look for AC (media) to build your own system, rather than use marketed t..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"I am not subscribed to anything. Still new here and trying to figure it all out. When is this discussion? I am happy to join if you think it would..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Yes, in a professional capacity. In the DIY space not so much. To keep it simple and cost effective I might suggest sticking with Activated Carbon..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Reduced sulfur compounds generally have relatively short lifetimes in the atmosphere (days). A residence time of 4.4 days has been reported by War..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"HEPA filters are a great choice for reducing particulate matter. Unfortunately, they are relatively ineffective for treating the gaseous compounds ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Just to get the ball rolling, I would suggest exploring activated carbon adsorption, scrubbing, and/or biofilters. These options would likely be th..." | Read more » over 1 year ago


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