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Raspberry + NoIR cam + Blue filter

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NDVI from PiNoir with a blue filter

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"Hello, @nedhorning, for the Rosco Roscolux #2007 Storaro Blue Gel Filter, with the following datasheet Could I just use the visible reflectance ..." | Read more » almost 3 years ago
"Hi Chris, thanks again! Which are the surfaces that reflect both blue and NIR light? Could you give me some examples? And about mobius camera, i ..." | Read more » almost 3 years ago
"Hi Chris, thank you very much for the help! I'll choose better times and avoid shadows the next flight. And I'll try correcting the exposure too! ..." | Read more » almost 3 years ago
"@cfastie, I'm trying to do the white balancing manually using a Raspberry Pi and I need to know the number of this "pure blue" that you are using. ..." | Read more » over 3 years ago


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