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Raspberry Pi spectrometer GUI

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"@lach_myers You are correct, the interface needs to be displayed through the HDMI lead. Currently the code is still in development so it does need ..." | Read more » 12 months ago
"Not yet, It's my half term break in about two week so I can get back onto it around then. " | Read more » about 1 year ago
"The camera I ended up using was the camera for pi zero with infra-red filter (https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/raspberry-pi-zero-camera-module). ..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"That sounds like a great idea. Can you recommend somewhere to get up to speed with OpenCV? " | Read more » about 1 year ago
"I went back and forth between the two cameras. In the end I went for the standard but slightly regretting it now. Is there any data on the addition..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"Seconded, from what i’ve Seen so far the Lego spectrometer is more suited to being a desktop spectrometer. You’d need to cart around a power source..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"I forgot to mention, the response.text is a long html document which looks like it might be spectralworkbench.org/dashboard. Do I need to include m..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"Here's the code I've been working on: https://github.com/classimago/spectral-workbench.py/ I've removed the features that are geared towards my sp..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"Thanks for the help. So far I've written a script in python which takes the photo, saves a copy to my media, then takes the middle line of pixels ..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"Sure, so far I'm just doing test with CFL and halogen bulbs. The spectra I've uploaded do register as a bit dim, so I'm having to tinker with the c..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"It would use the USB port. The zero is wired to draw power through it as well as data. I've just enabled it on the Pi zero i'm using at work. You ..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"Have got it to work before in a pi zero (no WiFi). Key thing is to make sure the micro usb you use is also a data cable. That’s one very frustratin..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"Here’s a basic guide to adding a tactile button to the GPIO pins: https://www.modmypi.com/blog/tutorial-tactile-switch For a neater package, i’d ..." | Read more » about 1 year ago

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