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Ag8n "Project CyAN with the EPA might be of interest. It is using a newly launched satellite to track cyanobacteria. The new satellite was launched 5-6..." | Read more » about 1 hour ago
Ag8n "Ammonia, as from fertilizer, would also increase the pH. It would make the algae like the water, too. There are several methods to test for ammoni..." | Read more » about 3 hours ago
Ag8n "Could you be more specific? What exactly the problems are? Algae blooms due to nitrogen runoff are being tracked in some of the great lakes by sa..." | Read more » about 4 hours ago
Ag8n "How did you test the soil for mercury? " | Read more » 4 days ago
Ag8n "I don't know if it's viable in this area or not. For blood analyzers, the approach one company was taking was photon counting. That was 15 years ..." | Read more » 8 days ago
Ag8n "Yes, in many ways. For example, rain can clean the air, making it much better. On the other hand, under the right circumatances, a high pressure ..." | Read more » 9 days ago
Ag8n "Your work is very impressive. And it seems like you are just a step away from identification. I wish I knew the exact step needed. The pellets a..." | Read more » 11 days ago
Ag8n "The spec 20 has been in production since 1953 by many different companies and can contain many capacitors. What problem is your spectronic 20 givi..." | Read more » 14 days ago
Ag8n "It was a very interesting article! Thank you for submitting it. The microscope FTIR he mentions ran our lab $100k in the early 90s. That was for..." | Read more » 15 days ago
Ag8n "Please correct me if this is wrong. The EPA is being petitioned to increase the level of chloroprene allowed to be air discharged, per a pier rev..." | Read more » 16 days ago
Ag8n "The IR listed above stands for Infra-Red spectroscopy. It might also be FTIR ( Fourier Transform Infra Red spectrscopy). The NIR is short for Near..." | Read more » 21 days ago
Ag8n "There are commercial plastic recyclers. Please contact them for details. And my experience is in industry, not environmental. But... To get the ..." | Read more » 21 days ago
Ag8n "Try to monitor the amount the company is polluting and also, what the exact chemicals are. For example, while chloroprene is off gassed, there are..." | Read more » 22 days ago
Ag8n "How do you plan to investigate and test for these chemicals? Very good initial paper. " | Read more » 22 days ago
Ag8n "It's much more complicated than it seems. It isn't whether something is sand or silica. Because, by definition, they are the same thing. Sand is..." | Read more » 24 days ago
Ag8n "Please note-MIGHT be able to detect the gasoline. It would take some work to be sure. " | Read more » 25 days ago
Ag8n "One interesting gc mentioned in public lab a while ago was the frog 5000. It's not a gc/ms. But it might be able to do testing for the gasoline. " | Read more » 25 days ago
Ag8n "The quickest way would be a liquid/liquid separation on a sample of the water, followed by filtration ( if needed) and injection of the solvent in ..." | Read more » 25 days ago
Ag8n "I can't tell you about the current regulations. Sorry. But the rule of thumb with tethered balloons was to put a weak link in the line at the ball..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "We are told (northern Ohio) that we have the most potholes in the country. Why? Because this part of the country has the most freeze/ thaw cycles..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "Je ne comprend pas. En englais? " | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "This info is from Wikipedia, not a quote. Primary microplastics are smaller particles, such as from microbeads(used on cosmetics, for example). S..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "Double check me. But, electric vehicles are more efficient than gas vehicles, even when electric plant efficiency is factored in. There are a num..." | Read more » about 2 months ago
Ag8n "Sorry, got a phone call. The same line listed for this spectrometer should be usable for the spectrum lab instrumenent. The lines are only listed..." | Read more » about 2 months ago