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david_uwi "Thanks for bringing this to prominence again. I will attach the code that runs the microprocessor. presslogger.txt This as mentioned above is wri..." | Read more » almost 6 years ago
david_uwi "Oh well. I know about everyones strange reluctance to use microchip devices, but really they do not keep much of any value to the experimenter hidd..." | Read more » about 6 years ago
david_uwi "I just use my programmer to read the falsh memory when it is getting full. The clcok crystal causes an wake-up (from sleep) interrupt when the time..." | Read more » about 6 years ago
david_uwi "Yes it would seem that you could do it with an atmega 328 one of the timers supports the use of a clock crystal which will get your timing accurate..." | Read more » about 6 years ago