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ecta64 "My bad...That is the Skystreme Kite. You can find it in various places around the net. Reviews about it are quite mixed so I don't know if I can re..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "The lead image is the Sky Alert Parafoil (http://www.amazon.com/Sky-Alert-Parafoil-Rescue-Kite/dp/B002Y160ZW/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8). The..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "Thanks. This balloon was latex but I likely should have replaced the string with something that would break down easier. " | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "I appreciate the comment. In my testing I have found that a 120 gram payload can be carried up to a max height of 7 meters. If you have some help y..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "The pole is insanely light. About 2.5 pounds. Moving it around is weird since its so light yet is so large. Working with it is a totally different ..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "Thanks. Seems a lot of affordable meteorological masts are at that 10 meter height and so the Public Lab Carp Pole offers that height at a much low..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "Some more TALA reports I have found across the net anders_TALA_report.pdf wasp_wind_turbine.pdf " | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "I'd be very curious about the springs. It said they included several to monitor a very large wind range. TALA's design looks like a combination of ..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "Found some more .PDFs on the TALA system neal_kite.pdf kite_anemometer.pdf " | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "WOW! I'm very happy to hear you bought the system. I'm extremely interested in TALA. The manual that came with it looked very detailed and I would ..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "The posts you did were fascinating. Have you ever made a complete TALA system? If so what kind of equipment does one need to procure/build? One of ..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "The multi-line kite photographic rigs I have seen are mounted near or on the sail (See the pic/videos) below. I just followed suit since I haven't ..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "Its not as good as deltas. Expert kite makers say 50 degrees but that's for the very large ones. My 23 inch "handkerchief" playsail was able to att..." | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "That is fantastic!! I have been trying to find a reputable structure from motion capable freeware program like the ones in these links for the past..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "Interesting but yes the pixel value is still a problem. Hopefully someone will come up with a freeware tool for video mosaic mapping. It would real..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "Yes I'm imaging from a pole and that's the primary reason for the oblique angle. I have tried Nadir imagery but since my pole is only 4 meters its ..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "So it really doesn't matter the specific time of day or sun angle as long as I stay consistent? Honestly I'm just photographing to learn proper wor..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "Here is a simple table that I'll start and others can fill in and modify or correct as they wish. sensor_table.doc " | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "I can't even begin to thank you enough for your very helpful comment! I got ImageJ and the plugins and nearly instantly the time needed to create m..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "That I'm still working on myself. I can't find out any info on how to produce RGB only indexes with Gimp so I attempted to modify the already known..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "just got back in from testing the kite with a longer line lengths and it was not a success at all. I tried a number of different configurations all..." | over 7 years ago
ecta64 "I did take my standard Rogallo kite and took off the keel lines and sure enough it could fly but the wings tended to close up on gusts of wind whic..." | over 7 years ago
ecta64 "I can't say much of that because I did the same thing. I wasted somewhere around six months trying to build a five foot square of one of these wing..." | over 7 years ago
ecta64 "wow! I can only imagine the amount of difficulty you encountered working with such lightweight materials. I tried several times to do something out..." | over 7 years ago