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gretchengehrke "As Mathew and David pointed out, there aren't readily available low-cost techniques for distinguishing among potential sources of particulate matte..." | Read more » almost 6 years ago
gretchengehrke "Hi again, This document may be useful in deciphering situations in which CALPUFF would be more appropriate than AERMOD:" | Read more » over 6 years ago
gretchengehrke "Hi Mary, This is a great question. I want to clarify that I don't necessarily think AERMOD is a bad model -- it just has draw-backs, and those draw..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
gretchengehrke "Hi @bkleist, Interesting stuff! What is your electricity situation and need for being inconspicuous like where you have the camera? I wonder if a ..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
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