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jholmes5 "It would be nice to have a scale. At the Open Hours last week they did say it was hard to get absolute temperatures without some sort of calibratio..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
jholmes5 "It seems like the red is cooler, since the beaches and shallow water of Jamaica Bay are that lighter yellow color, and they should be warm spots. ..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
jholmes5 "Looking forward to it! Would thread cutting oil be good? I think it has some extra sulfur in it. Jay " | Read more » over 8 years ago
jholmes5 "I want to know more! It seems like there are areas around the canoe which have similar appearance in the gray scale are these water chestnut areas ..." | Read more » about 9 years ago
jholmes5 "Very nice photos. What kind of camera did you use? " | Read more » over 9 years ago