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kensanfran "Hello, Sorry just noticed this post. I've been collecting my links and references on this DIY gas sensor calibration page of my wiki. I'm also tin..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
kensanfran "Hi Steve, Great, yes, and yes! Please contact me directly kensanfran at gmail, and watch this space for more info in a week or two. " | Read more » about 8 years ago
kensanfran "Hi Liz, Thanks! For the short term I'm working with Peter Sand at Manylabs, they're working on a beta Android app which can upload bluetooth data ..." | Read more » over 8 years ago
kensanfran "I just posted a second Research Note on this project which covers basic board information and some initial real-world field data. http://publiclab..." | Read more » over 8 years ago
kensanfran "Hi Neil, Thanks for your nice comments. Yes, I think the general issue of data quality from citizen science sensors is finally starting to get the..." | Read more » over 8 years ago