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wu_ming2 "I prefer notifications because my sensor is indoor and don't want to keep checking the map to know when is time to switch on the purifier. Very si..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
wu_ming2 "I just updated https://repo.or.cz/purpleair-notify.git It's a complete re-write adding Discord !start and !stop commands. Also: messages if Pur..." | Read more » almost 2 years ago
wu_ming2 "If anyone is interested I have completely re-written the micro-service that notifies you while a sensor PM2.5 reading crosses a threshold. With s..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
wu_ming2 "I posted a related question awaiting approval but may be more useful to follow up here. I am trying to estimate the error for PA2.5 values as prov..." | Read more » over 2 years ago
wu_ming2 "Wanted simply to upload a zip file with everything but for some reasons didn't work. Anyway here is it: https://repo.or.cz/purpleair-notify.git ..." | Read more » over 2 years ago
wu_ming2 " @bohemian let me see what I can do. Didn’t use IFTTT because don’t wanted to install another iOS messaging app. So I used Discord instead. " | Read more » over 2 years ago
wu_ming2 " I took a different route. Wanting to know when to switch on the air purifier based on readings, I developed a micro service pulling JSON data at..." | Read more » over 2 years ago