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I am a scientist.

I got interested in environmental science in high school and studied geology in college and grad school.

I think that it is important for everyone to to have a basic understanding of science. Science is powerful and should be accessible to everyone.

Find me on Twitter @SwirlingSands

Getting Started with the Riffle Beta Test

by ddileona about 3 years ago | 2 | 77 views | 2

Oil Testing Kit Beta Test

by ddileona over 3 years ago | 0 | 47 views | 3

MapKnitter map of Mardi Gras Pass Aug 2015

by ddileona almost 4 years ago | 1 | 72 views | 2

MapKnitter map of Stormwater Wetlands

by ddileona about 4 years ago | 3 | 48 views | 1

Spring Fling: Calibrating the Coqui

by ddileona over 4 years ago | 1 | 66 views | 1

MapKnitter map of Bayou St John at Lake Pontchartrain

by stevie about 4 years ago | 0 | 53 views | 1

<iframe src="https://mapknitter.org/embed/bayou-st-john-at-lake-pontchartrain--2" style="border:n...

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