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"Hi Warren, thanks for the link. I peeked a little bit into it already, but I don't speak JS, so it's a bit difficult for me not to get lost. I alre..." | Read more » 12 months ago
"Haha @warren thanks :) I agree, it's very similar to the plab v3! Maybe someone drew the laser cutting and the vertical slit was just a mistake. ..." | Read more » 12 months ago
"Hi spectrometrists :) I've just ordered the Lego-parts and I'm going through the instructions now. I don't really follow the step: "Tape or glue ..." | Read more » 12 months ago
"Switched the DVD-RW for DVD+R and tadaa works like a charm. So sorry for the kinda pointless topic, but maybe the info that DVD+RW does not work i..." | Read more » 12 months ago
"Update: I build a quick and dirty horizontal slit (approx 1mm wide) and indeed the image is more broad now. However, it is very dark. Below is a p..." | Read more » 12 months ago


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